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Please enjoy browsing our small library of books, website and things generally of interest in and to the natural world. Kildinan Farm is delighted to share recipes for our vegetables and salads.

Patrick Holford and Salvestrols

At Kildinan Farm, we’re strong supporters of the work of Patrick Holford. He’s speaking in Cork on Sunday, April 2013. He’s always worth listening to and is such a motivational speaker in advocating steps we can all take to obtain and manage good... read more

Wild Garlic by Denis Cotter

Wild Garlic by Denis Cotter This book is really a way for the reader to be party to a conversation between a restaurateur and a vegetable grower over the 12 month growing year.  In this instance, the parties concerned are Ultan Walsh, the principal vegetable grower... read more

Joy Larcom

  Alys Fowler: ode to Joy Larkcom ‘Her writing is a window into a world of vegetable growing that barely exists any more’ The Guardian, Friday 19 October 2012 22.58 BST Joy Larkcom’s garden: ‘No one else manages to marry a relaxed, joyful... read more