Our Family

I’m Rory Magorrian. I’m happy to welcome you to Kildinan Farm where I live with my family. It’s our home and the place where I’ve been growing vegetables and salad greens in North County Cork since 2008.
(I know time flies – I’m writing this in 2015 and I can hardly believe it. When time is adjusted for a seasonal version of a year rather then one based on 12 month annual one, it goes by even faster. And faster again then, when you’re doing something you love, hard as the work can be, but engaging one’s mind, spirit and body every single day.)

I grow seasonal vegetables and salad greens and everything I grow is completely free from chemicals and pesticides. That’s how I had to describe what I grow when we were in transition to achieving Organic status. But Organic we are since 2014!

Have a look here at the Irish Organic Trust website to find out what organic means and what the benefits are, although tasting better and being better for our health and the environment as well is hardly a surprise. I grew up in County Dublin and trained as a graphic printer. My life changed when I was made redundant. But what a change!

With the support of my wonderful wife and inspired by my father who grew vegetables for the family, I trained for a year with the renowned organic vegetable grower Jim Cronin at his farm in Bridgetown, Killaloe, Co. Clare. My life now revolves around the seasons, the demands and rewards of growing food that is nutritious, sustaining, wonderful-tasting and completely natural. I am proud to feed the very best food to my family of two small boys and to my loyal Kildinan Farm customers.

I grow a variety of vegetables and lettuce, salad greens, herbs and wheat grass. I also sell organic eggs from the hens on the farm. I am available for talks on vegetable growing and soil management and I invite customers, students and interested members of the public to farm visits during the year.

The Rhododendron
You may have noticed that we use a Rhododendron as our logo. When you visit the farm, you drive through a long laneway of them (I can’t call it an avenue, even if I want to. We’re a bit more rustic than that). They were growing here when we arrived – and indeed long before that. And they represent for me the strength of survival and endurance. In that, they’re a part of the history of the farm and I’m proud to be part of its story and to include it the Magorrian family history for the future.

Sinead surveying her kingdom in the tunnel.
My wife and two sons and I share the farm with an assortment of dogs, cats, hens and chickens, sometimes some piggies.We’ve been joined more recently by my sister Sinead who has traded her high-flying urban career for a rural one, planting and sowing and weeding and minding the hens, and she hasn’t a single regret. Look at her! How much happier can a girl be.

It’s quiet here, a long way from noise of all kinds and I have fallen in love with the sounds of birds, wind blowing through the leaves, the gushing stream at the bottom of the farm. I am so much more aware of nature, her seasons, how much richer life can be living in rhythm with nature.

There are lots of ways to get in touch.

You can call me Rory Magorrian  at 087 659 4448, or Sheila at 087 659 7122

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