Delivering the Vegetable Boxes for collection at Horans Health StoresEvery Thursday, I deliver my Vegetable Boxes to Horans Health Stores in Mitchelstown, where the manager Caroline will help you and to Fermoy where manager Catherine will.

All the vegetables will have been picked within 24 hours of delivery and the salad greens, well, I’ll have been up at 6am watering and then picking those – leaf by leaf – to put into the salad bags. I’m not bragging when I say that they taste completely different from any of the commercially grown produce that you generally buy in supermarkets.

The leaves are full of flavour – not one of them could be described as bland, and of course there’s a great variety in each bag, and they simply cannot be any fresher. Organic produce is better than non-organic – and you should read about Salvestrols to find out why (look at the Library to find out more), but the best produce is organic/chemical free and has not been shipped from a distant location to get to you. Do get in touch of you’d like to order one.

Organic salad leaves

Organic Spring Onions

Organic Spring Onions









You can find me every Friday morning at Anderson’s Quay in Fermoy (near the car park at the river and McCarthy’s Insurance). I have a stand and I’m there from 10am- 1pm: you can buy directly from me. Here’s our regular customer Liz doing just that!

Our customer Liz at the market stand.