Wild Garlic Denis Cotter

Wild Garlic Denis Cotter

Wild Garlic by Denis Cotter

This book is really a way for the reader to be party to a conversation between a restaurateur and a vegetable grower over the 12 month growing year.  In this instance, the parties concerned are Ultan Walsh, the principal vegetable grower for Cafe Paradiso and Denis Cotter in Cork.

An important relationship under typical conditions, but a vital one when the restaurant is a vegetarian one supporting local, seasonal and best quality produce. Denis Cotter introduces us to vegetables at their seasonal best and includes cooking tips and tasty recipes based on them.

Written in an informal, accessible style and illustrated with mood- provoking photographs by Cristian Barnett, this book will inspire you to engage with often overlooked green leafy vegetables – the kales, chards, brassicas, Chinese leaves, etc. and so with your own local vegetable grower.

It will inspire you to rejoice at the changing of the seasons and the bounty each brings to your table.